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Dynamic relays

Relay nodes are responsible for exposing your stake pool to the global network. Each relay server has its own ip address, through which relays from other pools connect. This ip address can be set and registered in the protocol statically, by specifying the numeric ip , or we can try to obfuscate/hide that numeric ip using a domain.
Using a domain or subdomain to manage our ips is more efficient as it allows us to migrate server (change ip) without the need to register/annotate this change in the protocol.
We are going to use the namecheap domain platform. To do so, go to their official website and sign up.
Once registered you can buy the domain, you can use PayPal to make the payment.
  1. 1.
    Open the main dashboard.
  2. 2.
    Click on 'Manage' button from your domain.
3. Click on 'Advanced DNS' tab.
4. Inside 'HOST RECORDS' panel, add a new record with type 'A Record'.
4.1 The field 'Host' is your subdomain name relay.spain. This is equivalent to the fully qualified domain, pointing to ip address
With this we would already have configured the subdomain name that we want to register in the protocol. This will allow us to change the ip quickly without affecting the configuration of our pool.
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